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“ We were debating on getting a new house or renovating our kitchen. Kitchen was way more affordable and now our house feels new."

-Scott W.

Kitchen Remodel Green Bay WI

We would like to welcome you to Kitchen Remodel Green Bay WI. We will give you the details about each type of cabinets, countertop, and flooring that you need. This will help you to decide what to do in your kitchen.

The lighting, sink, faucet, and backsplash are also parts of your kitchen design that we will discuss. We give some great kitchen remodeling ideas and want to hear about yours.

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All About Us

Our Green Bay kitchen remodeling contractors are very artistic. They have an eye that is created for the job. We are advanced in our knowledge of kitchen remodeling. We use the newest materials that are very quality.

If you have funky measurements and spaces we are clever in ways to use them. We do not like wasted space.

We do our best at giving you the “kitchen remodel near me” you have been searching for. We are clear in our explanations and our bids that we give you. If there is anything you are unclear about we are sure to walk you through it.

Our kitchen designers Green Bay WI look at your kitchen and your desires and create a design that works for both. You will have a kitchen that looks so much larger with our small kitchens designs.

Small kitchen renovations are a great way to add to the value of your house. With the quality materials that we use along with the professional kitchen installation we do, you will have a great investment.

We hold the highest amount of trust and accountability in our company. We get your kitchen renovation done with expert craftsman quality materials and an eye for detail. Everything we do with our company is done with excellence.

Why Choose Kitchen Remodel Green Bay WI?

Your kitchen renovation Green Bay WI will stand out among other kitchen renovations in your neighborhood. Our kitchen contractors that do your remodel are different. We are not like your other kitchen remodeling companies. This is because:

  • We offer financial protection by using the best materials with warranties
  • We give peace of mind to our clients by having our license and insurance for every job
  • We have done many custom kitchens Green Bay

Your kitchen remodeling contractor Green Bay has worked for many years to remodel kitchens. When you are choosing a company it is important that you feel confident in their skills and abilities.

We have so much experience, with many years under our belt. This makes us a safe company to go with for your Green Bay kitchen remodeling.

We offer free consultations for every client. In order for you to get the remodel you have in mind our remodeling contractor will go over your details for your remodel.

There are many choices to make in your kitchen and we value your opinion very much. Our clients love how much we let you know that your input matters in every way. We make sure that your voice is heard and that your desires are met. Call us today to get a consultation scheduled.

What to Expect?

You will schedule an appointment with one of our experienced kitchen remodeling Green Bay WI contractors. We will go over a variety of topics during our free consultation.

We will discuss what you would like to have remodeled in your kitchen. What your ideas are, and what our ideas are. We will go over the budget you have made for your Green Bay kitchen remodeling.

We will figure out what your priorities are with your remodel and what is most important to you. What are you wanting to spend the most money on? The “kitchen contractors near me” you found here do a great job staying within your budget.

There are many different style types. We will determine the type of style that you prefer. This will make a very big difference when we are trying to decide what materials to get. We make sure that you like all the materials before we do anything.

The plan will fit your budget, your style, and your space. We will take all the basic measurements for the basic remodel. When we get to the detailed parts we will be sure to always take measurements before any ordering so that it is all correct the first time.


There are a big variety of things you can do for a wonderful kitchen upgrade. We will give you kitchen ideas for what type of materials will be best for your flooring, countertops, backsplash, and more. Your “remodeling contractors near me” that you found will explain the pros and cons of each item.


Kitchen Sink And Faucet

When choosing a sink and faucet it is good to remember that looks are not everything. The spout height and length of reach are good points to take into consideration as well.

You want to spend enough without overspending as it is something you use multiple times a day. The finish makes a big difference as some are easier to take care of then others.

If you would like a pull down sprayer it is good to remember when choosing your appliances.


Kitchen Backsplash

You are going to want to decide what type of look you are going for in your kitchen before choosing the backsplash.

You may want backsplash that is lighter or darker then the countertops. You may want backsplash that we can establish a pattern with.

Two spots that look very well for patterned backsplash are above the sink and above the stove.


Kitchen Cabinets

When you are choosing the cabinets you will first want to establish a budget. Cabinets can get very costly.

Once you decide a budget you will want to decide on a profile for the cabinet doors. This will make choosing your cabinets much easier.

If you would like to save money on cabinets you can always resurface your existing cabinets.


Kitchen Countertops

There is a very large variety of material options when choosing countertops. The type of material you get main cause more or less upkeep and caution.

With granite, soapstone, and quartz you do not have to worry about heat, stains, or cuts. They are very sturdy and will last for many years. Countertops come in many different colors, one of which will go beautifully in your kitchen.


Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen flooring can be custom to your desires. We can install the material, color, and placement that you would like.

We recommend a flooring choice that will be waterproof, and will hold up well for many years. You will have much traffic in this area of your home and do not want to have to replace it later on.


Kitchen Lighting

The lighting in your kitchen creates the entire vibe of your home. We can create a bright and cheery mood with can lights and great chandeliers.

We can also create a romantic and calming mood with under cabinet lighting and newly updated pendant lights.

About Green Bay WI

The number of people that Green Bay is home to is near 104,500. Green Bay has a climate that is humid. It is close to Lake Michigan which makes its weather moderate.

We experience the four seasons here with nice and hot summers and snowy cold winters. Tornados are something that we may experience here. We get many thunderstorms during the summer that bring a majority of our rainfall.

The paper industry here in Green Bay is huge. We are often referred to as the “Toilet Paper Capital of the World”. There are many wonderful and fun family activities and attractions to visit here.

The cities that are near Green Bay WI are:

  • De Pere, WI
  • Kaukauna, WI
  • Suamico, WI
  • Oneida, WI
  • Seymour, WI
  • Wrightstown, WI
  • Denmark, WI
  • Greenleaf, WI
  • Freedom, WI
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a return will I get by doing kitchen remodeling Green Bay WI if I sell my house?

If you get a wonderful kitchen remodel you have the possibility of getting 100% return of your kitchen. This depends on the area that you live and how extensive your remodel is. The average clients get back is 85% of a return.

What does a kitchen remodel cost?

Your kitchen renovation cost will be based off the materials you choose and how much of your kitchen you are renovating. If you would like a more detailed explanation of the cost of your kitchen remodel give us a call and we will go over what your remodel will cost you.

How much experience does your team have?

We put a strong emphasis on the success of your kitchen remodel. We know that to get the success that we want we must have reliable and experienced contractors. We are very selective in who we hire. We have much training to ensure the contractors have the high amount of skills that we require for each job.

Can I help to remodel my kitchen?

If there are parts of your remodel that you would like to do, we welcome that. We will make sure that it is done correct to ensure a safe and comfortable home. We always want our clients to have peace of mind knowing that everything in their kitchen is done to code and is safe.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The price was perfect for the kitchen that we got. We got everything we wanted and more for a very reasonable price. Thank you for the wonderful job you have done!

Chad M.

The contractors that did our kitchen made sure that we loved everything after they installed it. This was very polite and considerate. We love our new kitchen renovation!

Allie L.

We loved working with this company. They were very professional and kind. They made sure everything was done to the best degree and made sure the materials were of high quality before installing them.

Autumn S.

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Our kitchen remodeling contractors are different than any others. We have years worth of experience. We have the qualities that you want for a contractor working in your home on your new kitchen.

Do not wait any longer to enjoy your gatherings in your kitchen. We will open up your closed off kitchen, or replace your old ugly countertops. You may have been waiting years to remodel your kitchen for many reasons.

Do not let the stress of designing your kitchen be one of the reasons you have waited. We will build a kitchen design Green Bay WI to meet the needs of your new kitchen. Call Kitchen Remodel Green Bay WI to get your design started.

Kitchen Remodeling Green Bay

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